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How do we keep our kids safe in Erie?


The Community Action Plan is the written prevention plan that makes up the Prevention prong of UnifiedErie. The plan was developed by the Erie County Policy and Planning Council for Children and Families and was created using the Communities That Care model for prevention.

The Erie County Community Action Plan consists of strategies addressing the top risk factors and protective factors that have been identified through research using the Pennsylvania Youth Survey and other available data within the Erie County community.

The Community Action Plan identifies the current top four Risk and three Protective Factors for Erie County exist within the domains of Family, Community, and Religiosity. One team exists for each of those domains and meets monthly for one hour to work on the strategies outlined in the Plan. Teams are open to the public and everyone is invited to join and help make a difference.

Family Team

This team works on strategies that include promoting evidence based programs within the community, holding the annual Youth Impact Celebration, and increasing awareness of parenting resources available within the area.

Family (1).png

Community Team

This team works on strategies to increase the health of neighborhoods in Erie County.  



Moral Order Team

This team works on strategies to increase youth participation in developed a positive belief system, and a clear sense of right and wrong.


Erie County Policy and Planning Council for Children and Families

Prevention efforts for UnifiedErie are spearheaded by the PPC.

The Erie County PPC has existed since 1996 and serves as the local Communities That Care board for Erie County.  It is a county-wide collaborative where members share information and work together to promote a flourishing asset rich community.  The PPC supports sound decision making and research-based programs providing opportunities for youth and families to grow and thrive.

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