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Resource Directory - created to make it easier for organizations to understand relevant services and have access to contact information so effective referrals can be made.

In mid-2019, several community and organizational leaders asked Erie Together, our region’s countywide anti-poverty movement, to help stakeholders create a comprehensive domestic violence reduction strategy for Erie County


Participating stakeholders include law enforcement, the

District Attorney, domestic violence agencies, higher education institutions, various social service agencies, legal service providers, immigrant services, public health, healthcare providers, and others. The group began meeting in August 2019 and is now known as the "Domestic Violence Action Alliance (DVAA)."

One of the tasks before the DVAA was to identify specific challenges associated with reducing domestic violence in Erie County, and ways to address those challenges. One of the top challenges the group identified to reducing domestic violence was a need for improved interagency collaboration and communication to strengthen referrals and promote increasingly positive service outcomes.


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