You can be part of UnifiedErie





  • Join a UnifiedErie Team that meets monthly and works on strategies

  • Look for a way that your business or agency could partner with UnifiedErie

  • Adjust the focus at your company or non-profit to more closely align with the data-driven UE focus on Families, Neighborhoods, and Religiosity

Ways to be involved in a formal or professional capacity

Ways to be involved in your social circles, clubs, or other circles of influence

  • Are you a member of a social club?  Ask if they can donate money or volunteer hours to a nearby neighborhood group

  • Are you a member of a local religious organization?  Ask them if they can get involved with Take Me To Worship

  • Do you participate in a group or volunteer agency that interacts with families in conflict? Refer them to help through the Evidence-Based Program Directory 

  • Is your family in conflict?  Get help!

  • Review the list of Evidence-Based Programs offered in Erie County - refer yourself if you could benefit from one - refer a friend who is struggling if they could use one

  • Get involved with your local neighborhood group.  If there isn't one, START ONE!

  • Make a priority of getting the kids in your life to worship in a religious organization weekly

  • Come forward if you witness a crime

  • Nominate an amazing Youth Worker in your life for the Annual Youth Work Awards


  • Donate towards the Take Me To Worship Campaign here.

  • Donate towards the Neighborhood Resource Organization here.

  • Sponsor the Annual Youth Work Awards by contacting us here.

A stronger community is a safer community.