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Erie County, Pennsylvania


Erie County

An Erie County Resource Guide of Services & Supports

This directory lists the services, organizations and individuals that provide care for Erie County residents enrolled in Medical Assistance and/or eligible for Base Funded services.  These services are grouped into MENTAL HEALTH, DRUG & ALCOHOL, EARLY INTERVENTION, HOUSING, & INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY

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Erie County

Erie County
Emergency Rental Assistance Program

For eligible participants, funding can pay for up to a total of 12 months’ rent and/or utilities. Rental arrears can be paid from March 13, 2020. No rental/utility arrears prior to March 13, 2020, are covered by these funds.


United Way


Whether you need help finding childcare, food assistance, care for an aging parent or utility assistance, 211 is where to turn. Our trained resource navigators specialize in finding you the help you need, for any of life’s tough situations, from our comprehensive (and ever-growing) database of social services.


Safe Kids Worldwide

Parent’s Guide to Child Safety

From the moment we welcome a child into our lives, we know we’ll do anything to keep them safe and healthy. This guide has proven advice and top tips from safety experts to help families reduce risks, prevent injuries and keep kids safe at home, at play and on the road.


National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) 

Mental Health Resources for Children and Families

Having a child with a mental health condition can be a challenge, but there are ways to help make things easier.  Begin by taking notice of your children’s moods, behaviors and emotions. Early intervention is critical.


Erie County WIC

Women-Infants-Children (WIC)

WIC is the special nutritional program that provides: nutrition education and counseling, FREE nutritious foods and formula, breast-feeding support and counseling, immunization check-ups, referrals and recommendations for addressing family well-being concerns.


Early Connections

Children Do Come With Directions

Children Do Come With Directions: A Guide for Parents provides information about your child’s health, development, and safety and includes information on choosing quality childcare . It also provides basic information on community resources here in Erie County that are available to help support the needs of families with children .

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Erie Together

Domestic Violence Action Alliance (DVAA) Directory

The Directory makes it easier for organizations to understand relevant services provided across Erie County, know how those services can be reached, and make effective referrals. The following pages reflect those services provided by participating DVAA members from which domestic violence victims and/or family members could benefit.


Erie County Youth Mentoring Programs

The Erie County Youth Mentoring Program Overview is  intended to increase awareness and utilization of the current mentoring programs in our community



The menu of EVIDENCE-BASED PROGRAMS listed have each undergone rigorous evaluation and been recognized as effective by federal and state agencies and/or prevention science organizations. In addition, all programs must address one or more of the priority risk or protective factors in Erie County.



The Project First Step (PFS) program provides comprehensive support and family-centered, evidence-informed education to parents and their children with the goal of promoting family health, unity, and independence. PFS works with pregnant women, parents, infants, children, and families to help build stability and structure in the family in an effort to preserve the family unit, promote unification, and ensure children lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Most PFS clients live in poverty and are often dealing with additional stressors of physical or intellectual disabilities, domestic violence, homelessness drug or alcohol dependency, and/or mental health concerns.





Developed by Success by 6 Maternal Child Health Task Force - UnifiedErie Family Team

Questions or comments contact: Jackie Spry  (814)824-3673 |

Updated 04.28.21

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